Social Media and the Nebraska Humane Society

When our class took the trip to the Nebraska Humane Society I was very excited and eager to see what their social media was like behind the scenes. I say this because I follow them on both my Twitter and Instagram and they are one of my favorites on each. Puppies and kittens were already very popular on social media, but what they do with their animals serves a great purpose in helping them find homes and save lives.

Elizabeth Hilpipre is the person behind the scenes running the show for their social media. She is the Development and Communications Specialist at Nebraska Humane Society as well as a Creighton Journalism graduate. During our trip she talked about how she uses metrics to determine what to post, what works and what doesn’t. She said that the number of people her posts reach is very important because it has the potential to help an animal. That was something that really stuck out to me because I never really thought about how social media impressions can impact an animal in need.

One tactic she talked about dealt with how she will sort of balance the older dogs with the cuter younger dogs because usually the puppies get more impressions on social media. In doing this she actually ended up making the older dogs more popular and it helped them get adopted as well. She had mentioned that most of social media work is trial and error. You kind of have to feel around to see what works and what doesn’t at the time because social media is constantly changing. A year ago older dogs weren’t popular, it was all puppies. But now people seem to give the older dogs a lot more attention, which is great!

One part I personally enjoyed was her use of Snapchat as it was far more laid back. I actually ended up adding their Snapchat after that. I think that one piece of advice I really took away was in order to keep up with the times, just keep trying different things because trends on social media are constantly changing. Just keep working at it and keep trying new things until it works.


Free photo by Lenka Novotna from


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