Social Media: More than just Selfies

A lot of people use social media as personal tools for either sharing their own lives or sharing their personal brand. In fact I think this is what most people use social media for. However what a lot of people don’t realize is that social media can be used to promote Brands and Nonprofits.

Instagram, for example, is known to be used to post selfies and pictures of people in their lives. However one of the biggest Instagram accounts out there right now is a brand called National Geographic. At the time of me writing this blog National Geographic’s Instagram has 68.7 million followers. National Geographic is a brand that shows how a company can adapt to changing times. They have been around for a long time and they relied mostly on print magazines. Continuing their work over social media is brilliant and Instagram happens to be the perfect form of social media to do their work in my opinion. I think something we could learn from them would be how it’s possible to use social media to adapt your business in a constantly changing world of technology. I think National Geographic uses Instagram affectively to reach an even broader audience that they might not have reached before. And for us it’s like having our own online magazine of cool pictures!

Brands are not the only ones who can benefit from Instagram. There are a lot of Nonprofit organizations that also use Instagram affectively. For example the Nonprofit Neverthirst uses Instagram very affectively to help their cause. Using Instagram they can show a great number of people the urgent need for clean water in North Africa and Southern Asia. I think Nonprofits can use Instagram to spread word about their cause and show people behind the scenes of what it is really like to be in these places in these conditions. They can show us these situations that we might not otherwise have seen. They can also show the positive affects that our donations could have on their cause as well. Neverthirst does all of this and more as they constantly post pictures of the muddy water conditions, images of work being done, and most importantly images of the people who it affects. I think this gives the followers a real human connection to the problem at hand and makes them realize that there are people like us out there that need our help.

Overall I think I could learn from both Brands and Nonprofits. National Geographic shows how to give the followers good entertaining content which is something I could learn from. I should focus on posting stuff that my audience would be interested in. I need to post good quality content. Neverthirst showed me that if I really want to get a message across then Instagram would be a fine way to do it. Whether it’s through hashtags to spread my message or by using imagery to show the reality of my message, Instagram is a good tool to use.


Free photo by Jaelynn Castillo from


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