What’s my Sentence?

Daniel Pink asks people a simple question: what is your sentence? This simple question can help people discover who they are or who they want to be. It’s a simple question with a tough answer. Only one sentence? When I sit down to write, I tend to go on for a while even on things I don’t know all that much about. But narrowing down myself? What I want to be? That’s tough. It’s a common problem us college kids face. Along with the common question, “do you have a girlfriend yet?” comes the question, “what are you going to do after graduation?” Sorry grandma, but the answer to those questions are no and I don’t know. However figuring out my sentence may give me a better idea.

To begin figuring this thing out, I’ll answer a few basic questions. What are my top three personal strengths?

  1. Being a good friend. I care about the people who are close to me.
  2. Wittiness/quirkiness. I can be strange sometimes but a lot of times it makes people laugh in one way or another.
  3. Honesty/straightforwardness. I can tell it how it is without including my own opinion.

What are my top three talents?

  1. Analyzing and writing sports about sports.
  2. Video games.
  3. Making YouTube videos.

Core area of expertise:

This is an easy one for me. My expertise is in the Denver Broncos. I can list almost any stat about any player from the team past or present. I enjoy watching the games and I can analyze what they did well and what they need to improve on. I think this goes with what I can do better than anyone else: talk all day about the Denver Broncos or just football in general. (Side note: I can also do the same thing with cars as well. Consider me a car enthusiast.)


Free photo by Sandro Schuh from unsplash.com

The last thing I want to cover is this: what services can I offer that no one else can? I think that would have to be honest news, reporting the facts regardless of my opinion. That being said I think I have my sentence:

He reported the facts during a time when the truth was rare.

This sentence shows who I am as a person with my honesty but also what I want to do eventually as a reporter. I would ultimately like to become a Denver Broncos or NFL sports writer/analyst where I could analyze and express some of my opinion. However news writing may be a stepping stone in that process to becoming a sports writer. That being said, reporting the truth is something that I think is lost in a lot of today’s news in the United States. Most just care about getting it out first, writing what sells regardless of accuracy. I think I could be one of the first to change that.


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