The Joy of Missing Out

We get it. You were at the concert last night. More often than not whenever there is a big event of some sort going on near you, everyone posts about their good times on social media. Logging on to Snapchat the day following a concert you will likely see countless snap stories, hundreds of seconds long, recapping the entire night. Now before I continue on to criticize this I would like to acknowledge that I fall victim to this too, so I am going to try and not be a hypocrite. However I would argue that if you defeat this fear of missing out and manage to stay off your device or social media during big moments in your life, you will feel more emotion and the event will have a bigger impact on your life.

I get it. You want to share with others that you are doing something awesome or that you accomplished something awesome and that’s great. But is it so important to share it that you forget to celebrate it yourself? Is it so important that you forget to share the moment with the people that are there sharing it with you? I don’t think so. Nowadays if you go to a concert it is almost certain that the majority of people will have their phone out recording. Maybe they do this to share it with others or so that they could watch it later on. I know I have done it myself, hoping to impress my friends or acquaintances later on posting it on social media. I would think that maybe they’d think I was cool because I was there; or that I have to record some awesome moments to prove that I was there. I get so caught up in it that I end up living it through my phone rather than my own eyes. As a result, I have a far less memorable experience.


Free photo by Yoland Sun from

Not only could this distraction effect you, it could also effect the people who are with you. If you are distracted on your device you are most likely not paying any attention to the people who are with you. More often than not, the people who are with you during that moment are the people who actually mean something to you in your life. So put the phone down and enjoy the moment with them. Living in the moment is so rare nowadays and it is something that we take for granted. People have such a fear of missing out, on media that is, that they end up missing out themselves. They miss out from the actual experience,whatever it may be.

It is understandable that you want to remember it down the road, so I would suggest a common middle ground. Rather than posting every detailed moment on Instagram, put the phone down and enjoy the concert. Once it is done, grab a stranger and have them take a photo of you and your friends for you to remember this great experience you had for years to come. Trust me, you won’t be missing out.


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